Microblading Service in Phoenix, Arizona

The microblading process takes 4 simple steps to complete, usually covered in two different sessions that have a spacing of about 4 weeks depending on your body’s healing speed.

The first session is for the main procedure, followed by a touch-up session to refine your brows to perfection.

Step 1

A removable pencil ink is firstly used to map out the desired eyebrow shape. Our expert team will help you to decide on the perfect shape that suits and complements your facial features.

Step 2

Once you are satisfied with the drawn eyebrows, a special numbing cream is applied on the skin around your eyebrows to ensure an absolutely painless procedure.

Step 3

A special tool is then used to make small brush-like strokes on the eyebrows. These map out your entire eyebrows region and are all appropriately slanted to give a natural hair appearance.

Step 4

Once the strokes have all been made on the mapped-out region, all the lines are filled in with colour depending on your selected shade. The microblading artist can help you make the ideal colour selection that suits you perfectly.

The objective of this new beauty practise is simply to create lasting and natural-looking eyebrows hence eliminating the need for a daily eyebrow-drawing session.

Microblading gives your brows a cool 3D look that is way better than the traditional fake pencil brows.

Many people tend to have very little to no eyebrows and microblading is the new solution to dealing with that once and for all.

It’s also a great way to deal with thinning or sparse eyebrows, whether due to ageing, excessive tweezing or health conditions and processes such as chemo.

Microblading is a modern and innovative solution to having perfect eyebrows that are essentially permanent.

My name is Diana Gospodinov – eyebrow makeup artist.

I have been Microblading for the last 8 years. I moved to Arizona from Florida Key in 2018.

In early 2019 I was awarded by AZBROWACADEMY for 3DMicroblading and Ombre/Powder Brows.

The microblading industry opened a chapter in my life where each pair of brows that I am working on is like a beautiful new page in my book.

The Star on my logo is the beginning of my PMU carrier of Academy S worldwide recognized!

Permanent make-up (PMU) represents a group of techniques in permanent makeup which have been developed by Sviatoslav Otchenash and which are taught at the AcademyS.

These techniques cover micropigmentation of the eyebrows, lips and eyelids and their aim is enhancing the client’s natural look that could have deteriorated due to age, certain diseases, presence of scars, and similar.

I had a Professional Master Trainer ( craft_master Academy S ) next to me, showing and teaching and guiding me the entire time during my training course.

How Much Does Microblading Cost?


1.5-3 years. Painless. Touch Ups: 4-8 Week


$450 Regular Price

Ombre/combination technique

1.5-3 years. Painless. Touch Ups: 4-8 Week


$485 Regular Price

Micro/Magic Shading

1.5-3 years. Painless. Touch Ups: 4-8 Week


$495 Regular Price

Lip blush /aquarelle technique

3-5 years. Painless. Touch Ups: 4-8 Week


Classic Eyeliner

3-5 years. Painless. Touch Ups: 4-8 Week


What my clients have to say about my eyebrow service

Curious about microblading?

Here are some of the common questions pertaining to the procedure. It’s worth noting outright, however, that pregnant women cannot undergo microblading for the safety of the unborn child. We also recommend diabetic people or those with prevailing skin conditions to consult with their doctor first just to get an all-clear.

The first microblading session will take around two hours in total for all four steps mentioned earlier. It’s just like your regular saloon appointment, perhaps even shorter. The second session takes much less time, just about an hour.

Proper anaesthetic cream is used to numb the eyebrows so there is no pain during the process. People often report that they felt like they were getting their eyebrows groomed with a soft brush. This, of course, varies from one person to another but the artist will keep applying the anaesthetic cream throughout the process to keep the pain away. Slight swelling and redness can be experienced afterwards but it’s pretty normal.

People tend to heal at different rates, however, expect to heal after at least two weeks. The microblade strokes will turn into small scabs that eventually fall off within those two weeks. Some people with oily skin experience peeling after a while which is a normal part of the healing process. Others simply don’t.

The typical complete process takes only two sessions; one for the main procedure and the other for touch-ups.

No! Your face must be kept totally dry after the procedure for at least 10 days to allow the eyebrow to heal. You also can’t wear any makeup afterwards for at least a week.

Microblading is like a tattoo but it’s not permanent. While it can’t be simply washed off, it will surely fade eventually. Its lifespan again varies from one person to another depending on several factors such as skin ton, however, you can expect a lifespan range of 1 to 3 years. We often recommend yearly touch-ups to keep it well-defined.

Besides the pregnancy and other skin-condition health exceptions, people are generally recommended not to come for the session with a fresh eyebrow tint. You can bring your own pictures showing what you have in mind and discuss it with your artist.

After the procedure, stay away from water and avoid any activity that can make you sweat a lot. You should also stay away from too much sun, either by using an umbrella for shade or staying indoors until the process is over.

The service is as painless as possible. You are numbed multiple times during procedure with numbing cream. However, pain tolerance does vary from everyone.

Yes, all brow services that are being provided are unisex. Both men and women suffer from hair loss or thinning on the eyebrows. Bare beauty has no gender.

Normally $450. Offering a 100$ discount for first time customers fo the next 3 weeks